In the Spine specialty, we serve surgeons teams offering several alternatives for the treatment of degenerative, traumatic diseases and deformities of the spine such as protrusions, hernias, tumors, scoliosis, deformities and fractures in their various surgical approaches. We have implants and resources for use of the open vertebral arthrodesis technique, minimally invasive arthrodesis, with navigation assistance, scoliosis and adult and child deformities, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, facet rhizotomy, lumbar and cervical percutaneous discectomy, in addition to occipto-cervical fixation.


We have for cranial surgery, all arsenal for cranial access, resection of tumors and closure, use of ultrasonic aspirator and neuro navigation. In addition to the plates and screws for closing, we also work with customized hubcaps for better aesthetic result.

In order to provide the best service at any time, we offer assistance with 24 hour emergency duty.

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Thoracolumbar Spine

  • XIA implant system – Screws and implants for spinal deformities and arthrodeses
  • XIA Precision – Cannulated screws for MIS technique
  • XIA Ilios – Iliac screws and extensions
  • Mantis – Cannulated screw for percutaneous surgery
  • Mantis Redux – Cannulated reduction screw for percutaneous surgery
  • Luxor – Retractor for microdiscectomy
  • SUK – Vertebral Derotation System for Scoliosis
  • AVS TLIF – Lumbar cage in peek for TLIF
  • XIA Anterior – Thorax-lumbar plate
  • XIA 4.5 – Screws and implants for pediatric deformities

Cervical Spine

  • Reflex Hibrid – Cervical plate for arthrodeses of up to 4 levels
  • Solis Cervical Cage – Cervical cage in peek
  • Oasys – Occipto-cervical fixation system
  • VBOSS – Basket cage

Various Systems

  • Dekompressor – System for Cervical and Lumbar Percutaneous Discectomy
  • Multigen – Radio Frequency System
  • PCD – Vertebroplasty
  • Biopsy Kit – Vertebral biopsy kit
  • Equipment (Core+Uht+System 6) – Set of electric motors and drills for surgery
  • Sonopet Ultrasonic Aspirator – Ultrasonic suction and cutting system for tumors
  • Cannula P. Block Kit 21 G of 100 and 150 mm, graduated, with echogenic tip, drug delivery tube and connection for conducting sensory and motor stimulus.
  • Safe Block Kit, composed of two stimulable cannulas in addition to the Grid-X that allows less exposure to radiation for the doctor and patient.
  • The procedures are accompanied by the BMS-50N Generator to perform sensory and motor stimuli.
  • d.View discography
  • Orthoss 3 and 7 G – Bioderivated Bone Matrix from purified mineral bovine bone, bone substitute.
  • Bone graft – Hydroxyapatite in granules
  • Surgitime PTFE membrane
  • Parenchymal PIC
  • External ventricular drainage (adult, neonatal and antimicrobial)
  • Peritoneal ventricular drainage
  • External Lumbar Drainage

We work with complete solutions for the treatment of the main craniomaxillofacial and bucomaxillofacial pathologies, as well as esthetic-facial surgical procedures. We provide fixation systems for the different types of trauma and dentofacial deformities, meeting the demands of each face area with plates, titanium meshes, screws and customized implants, in addition to specific material for reconstruction of the mandible, treatment of tumors, and also with a complete line of care for temporomandibular joint dysfunctions.

We have a line of electric and ultrasonic motors with varied options of drills, saws and blades, facilitating operative osteotomies.

In order to provide the best service at any time, we offer assistance with 24 hour emergency duty.

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Craniofacial Core

  • Motor for face microsurgeries with complete line of Stryker drills, saws and blades.

Universal Stryker

  • Bone fixation module – 1.2 mm upper face
  • Bone fixation module – 1.7 mm mid face
  • Bone fixation module – mp – mini plating 2.0 mm
  • System for Orthognathic Surgery – Stryker Orthognathic: fixation modules – 1.7 mm / 2.0 mm / 2.3 mm
  • Stryker mandible fixation system – fixation modules – 2.0 mm / 2.3 mm
  • Stryker mandible fracture system – fixation modules – 2.0 mm / 2.3 mm
  • Stryker mandible reconstruction system – fixation modules – 2.0 mm / 2.3 mm

Delta Stryker System

  • absorbable plates and screws to correct bone fractures of the craniofacial skeleton


  • Stryker ultrasound system

Medpor Line

  • Implants for craniofacial contours and face traumas


  • Stryker Bone Cement
  • Development of customized implants for different areas of the face.
  • Smartmold – mold for intraoperative modeling of facial implants (chin, zygoma and mandible angle).
  • ATM prosthesis – mandibular and fossa components made of Ti6A14V Titanium, the mandibular joint component in Co-Cr alloy and the fossa joint component in ultra high density polyethylene.
  • Buccomaxillofacial Surgical Guide – specific customizations for pre-planned and personalized surgeries for each patient. Disposable and sterile guides registered with Anvisa.
  • BIO-OSS and BIO-OSS PEN – bone substitute
  • BIO-GIDE – resorbable collagen membrane
  • BONEFILL – bovine bone graft

  • TMJ Arthroscopy Set Kit


Ultrasonic tips and microsaws

Porto Surgical works with a highly trained team of salespeople and instrumentalists who are trained to attend to various fractures, whether using Stems, Plates or Fasteners.

We supply surgical materials as a solution for fractures using Femoral Stems, Tibial Stems, Humerus Stems; Blocked Plates for several fractures (Distal Radio, Metacarpal, Phalanges, Olecranon, Proximal and Distal Humerus, Clavicle, Distal Femur, Lateral Proximal Tibia, Lateral and Medial Anterior Distal Tibia, Fibula, Fractures and Foot Deformities; Canulated Screw and Fasteners for several fracture assemblies.

In order to provide the best service at any time, we offer assistance with 24 hour emergency duty.

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Intramedular Stems Line

  • Gamma3 – Proximal Femur Fracture
  • T2 Femur – Diaphyseal Fracture of the Femur (anterograde/retrograde)
  • T2 Tibia – Diaphyseal Fracture
  • T2 of Humerus – Diaphyseal Fracture of Humerus
  • T2 of Humerus PHN – Proximal Fracture of Humerus

Variax II Line

  • Distal Radio
  • Clavicle
  • Elbow
  • Distal Fibula
  • Small Fragments
  • Compression
  • ANCHORAGE – Foot & Ankle (Foot Fracture)
  • HAND (Hand Fracture)

AXSOS 4.0 Blocked Board Line

  • Proximal Humerus Fracture
  • Proximal Tibial Fracture
  • Distal Tibia Fracture

AXSOS 5.0 Blocked Board Line

  • Distal Femur Fracture

Hoffmann Fasteners Line – Large Bones and Extremities

Asnis line of cannulated screws – 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 6.5mm

SPS Basic Line – Non Blocked Large Fragment Boards

Hydroset – 5CC and 10CC grafting paste


  • Orthos Block 1 x 1 x 2 – Bone substitute


  • Bone graft – Hydroxyapatite in granules

We present complete solutions for knee, shoulder and hip surgeries that promote total replacement of joints affected by arthrosis (wear) or fractures. The prosthetic assemblies have various options of components produced in materials such as titanium and ceramics, and adapted for cemented or press-fit fixation.

All of our surgeries are serviced with battery engines and accompanied by technically trained professionals to assist in whatever is necessary from the period of choosing the appropriate solution as well as all the technical part for the execution of the surgery.

In order to provide the best service at any time, we offer assistance with 24 hour emergency duty.

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  • ACCOLADE II – Femoral Stem at Wedge, uncemented – Primary Hip Prosthesis
  • EXETER – Cemented Femoral Stem – Primary Prosthesis, Fractures and Revisions.
  • MODULAR RESTORATION  – Modular Femoral Stem for Review – IT coated with HA. Different options in proximal and distal body. The solution for critical and moderate bone loss.
  • RESTORATION AUGMENT – Wedge Augmentation System – Revision Surgeries, for minimal or severe acetabular bone defect. Made of titanium and available in a wide variety of implant sizes.
  • TRIDENT PSL – Uncemented Acetabular Component – IT coated with HA. Designed to maximize fixation in the peripheral region of the acetabulum. Made of pure titanium matrix, it offers advanced fixation and a highly porous internal growth surface.
  • TRIDENT TRITANIUM – Acetabular component in pure titanium, similar to cancellous bone. Surface with more porosity where bone growth is greater and biological fixation faster.
  • POLIETILENO X3 – Acetabular Insert precisely designed for Total Hip, Knee and Shoulder Arthroplasty. Patented X3 sequential reticulation manufacturing.
  • METAL HEAD – Made of metal with surface treatment, which reduces the coefficient of friction.
  • HEAD IN ALUMINA CERAMIC –Made of strong Biolox ceramic, with the ability to maintain good lubrication on the surface, reducing friction and reducing wear of the prosthesis. Compatible with Insert X3 and Alumina Ceramics.
  • HEAD IN BIOLOX DELTA CERAMICS (75% Alumina and 25% Zirconia) – Its composition promotes good lubrication on its surface, provides extremely low wear and superior mechanical resistance.


Triathlon – Primary Knee Prosthesis

  • Total knee prosthesis: Anatomical design (single radius) of deep flexion (150°), intraoperative flexibility (compatibility with revision implants), anatomical patella options and patent insert X3;
  • The Triathlon® Knee System is designed to meet patients’ lifestyle recovery expectations (Lifestyle Recovery™);
  • Intuitive and evolutionary design;
  • Based on the worldwide clinical success of millions of Stryker knee implants;
  • Designed to provide patients with a more natural movement and the possibility of longer implant life;
  • Developed according to the philosophy of a single radius tied to the reference of posterior cuts that allows mobility with stability at over 150 degrees of flexion.

Triathlon PKR – Unilateral Knee Prosthesis

  • Unicompartmental knee prosthesis offers: Unique radius design, patent insert X3, deep flexion 110, stability and minimally invasive instrumentation;
  • X3 insert technology;
  • Provides stability with unique radius design;
  • Provides medial or lateral flexibility;
  • Fixation through pressurization with cement and pegs;
  • Insert X3 technology ensures greater mechanical resistance, higher wear resistance and oxidation rates similar to polyethylene.

Triathlon TS + Cones – Knee Prosthesis for Revision

  • Knee revision prosthesis: Allows greater intraoperative constriction, maintains single radius design, compatibility with primary implants, complete portfolio and optimized instruments;
  • Deep bending of components designed to allow up to 135 degrees of bending without sacrificing stability;
  • Sizes based on anthropometry offering optimal interaction between implant geometry and anatomical structure;
  • Designed to provide stability and alignment of the revision components while maintaining agility in the surgical center;
  • Symmetric and asymmetric cones for tibial and femoral bone defects made in Tritanium;
  • Excellent fixation and helps in the restoration of the anatomic joint line.

We offer a complete Portfolio with high technology and performance materials for surgical rehabilitation procedures such as ligament injuries, cartilage and degenerative injuries (arthrosis) in the knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle. Working with state-of-the-art imaging system and the great performance of Shaver Stryker Infusion Pumps.

In order to provide the best service at any time, we offer assistance with 24 hour emergency duty.

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Complete Solutions for Shoulder and Rotator Manguito Instability

Champion Shoulder Line combines the performance and perfection of instruments and forceps with the most advanced implants in the treatment of various pathologies.

We have several solutions for sports medicine such as Tissue Anchors, Bioabsorbable Polymer, Peek and Metallic, permanent or disposable suture assistant, Shaver blades, Radio Frequency Tip, cannulas and suture threads.

Iconix Anchor – Anchor in fabric with options of 1.4mm with one thread or 2.3mm with two and three threads

Anchor Reel X – Anchor for knotless suture

Peek Zip Anchor – PEEK (Polyester Ketone Ether) Threaded Anchor with Fiber Force Thread

Peek Intraline Anchor – PEEK (Polyester Ketone Ether) Anchor, fully threaded in sizes 5.5mm and 6.5mm with and without needles.

Biosteon Intraline Anchor – Anchor in Bioabsorbable Polymers + HA

Twinloop and Twinloop Flex Anchor – Double loop anchor in PEEK (Polyester Ketone Ether)

Titanium Intraline Anchor – Fully threaded suture anchor for rotator cuff and soft tissue reconstruction in sizes of 5.5mm and 6.5mm

Champion Suture – Disposable nitinol needle suture forceps

Suture Sliders – Suture drawers offered in a variety of curved needles

Champion Slingshot – Suture passer indicated for shoulder and hip labrum suturing

Nanopass – Minimally invasive suture passage indicated for labral suture of the shoulder

Infusion cannula – with adjustable flow


Versitomic (LCA and LCP) – Flexible Drills

Biosteon – Bioabsorbable interference screw in HA and PLLA

ProCinch – Adjustable Cortical Button for LCA

Serfas – SERFAS energy platform for ablation and coagulation, combined with the suction device


Iconix Anchor – Anchor in fabric with options of 1.4mm with one thread or 2.3mm with two and three threads

Cinchlock Flex Anchor – First flexible knotless suture anchor

SlingShot – Capsule Closure Draw Frame

Nanopass – Minimally invasive suture passage

Injector – Capsule closure system for hip arthroscopy

Transport cannulas – Specific hip lengths

Twinloop and Twinloop Flex Anchor – Double loop anchor in PEEK (Polyester Ketone Ether)

Arthroscopy Equipment

State-of-the-art Full HD camera system using advanced CMOS technology and premium optics. The system provides a bright and clear image with a professional 26′ VisionPro monitor, cameras and arthroscopes from the Precision line.

Infusion Pump

CROSSFLOW Arthroscopy Pump, with precise and continuous flow control of fluid inlet, pipe cassette and easy to use touch screen interface.

Uniting the excellence of PORTO SURGICAL service and the recognized quality of STRYKER products, we have in our Neurovascular portfolio the complete Stroke Kit for the immediate treatment of stroke, which consists of the Stent, Microcatheter, Long Sheath, Suction Pump and Accessories. For the treatment of cerebral aneurysms we have the Flow Diversion Stent, Intracranial Stent, Semi, Super and Compliant Balloon, Microguides, Microcatheters and Micromoles for cerebral embolization. Cerebral vasospasm can also be treated with our products. It is important to point out that all our portfolio meets the various diameters that the cerebral vessels present in their anatomy.

In order to provide the best service at any time, we offer assistance with 24 hour emergency duty.

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  • AXS Catalyst 6 – distal access catheter for rapid access and revascularization
  • AXS Catalyst 5 – distal access catheter provides easy navigation and support.
  • AXS Infinity LS – long neurovascular sheath designed for fast access and support.
  • Excelsior XT17 – microcatheter provides smooth tracking.
  • Excelsior XT27 – microcatheter for delivery of interventional devices.
  • Excelsior SL10 – microcatheter for atraumatic access
  • Excelsior 1018 – microcatheter for delivery of large springs and other specific devices.
  • Transend – micro guide 0.014″ and 0.010″.
  • Synchro – micro guide 0.014″ and 0.010″.


  • Neuroform Atlas – self-expandable nitinol intracranial stent with radiopaque markers, hybrid cells, diameters > 2.0 mm and <= 4.5 mm

  • Transform – temporary occlusion balloon catheter.

  • Target Micro-Springs – detachable platinum micro-springs in Helical, 360 and 3D shapes.


  • AXS universal suction kit – clot suction pump.
  • Flowgate – balloon guide catheter.
  • Trevo XP retrievers – Stent designed to restore blood flow in the cerebral vasculature
  • AXS Offset – intermediate micro catheter.