Sponsored by Porto Surgical, the Rio Ortho Surgery 2018 event took place, in its first edition, on November 23 and 24 at Hospital São Lucas in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. There were two days of practical and theoretical immersion in Orthognathic Surgery, where current concepts in the treatment of Dentofacial Deformities were presented to the various specialists in Craniomaxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontics who attended the event. Each morning an orthognathic surgery was performed at São Lucas Hospital, with live broadcast to the hospital’s auditorium, from where the participants could actively interact with the surgical teams, asking questions and receiving guidance during the procedures. The surgery on the 24th was performed by Professor Dr. Paulo José Medeiros, responsible for the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery service at Hospital Pedro Ernesto – UERJ, one of the largest in the country, and used material supplied by Porto Surgical. Dr. Leonardo Metropolo, former resident at Pedro Ernesto Hospital, coordinated and performed the surgery performed on the 23rd. The afternoon of the 23rd was dedicated to the theoretical part, which, besides Drs. Paulo José Medeiros and Leonardo Metropolo, counted on the experience and knowledge of Professor Dr. José Nelson Mucha, internationally renowned orthodontist. Dr. Mucha approached topics relevant to the orthodontic preparation of patients who need orthosurgical treatment. This event was another initiative in which Porto Surgical reinforced its commitment to support and develop high quality continued medical education, updated with the latest technical and scientific news.

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